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Tom Riker & James Dolenc

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Tom Riker & James Dolenc
jamesthomas Interiors
2401 West Ohio Street, Chicago,
IL 60612
T: 312.738.7300
F: 312.738.3474

In 2003 James Dolenc and partner, Tom Riker, formed jamesthomas Interiors. After collaborating on several small projects together, the couple decided it was time to launch their own interiors firm to service the needs of their growing client base. Today, the boutique company of ten employees services clients in both the commercial and residential ends of the field. While their projects are primarily in Chicago and the North Shore, jamesthomas has worked with clients in Sun Valley, Idaho; Flathead Lake, Montana; Park City, Utah; Sonoma and Del Mar California; the Turks and Caicos; Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; Poitiers, France; and New York City.

At jamesthomas, we are known for our diverse aesthetic. We help our clients define their style and we bring it to life for them in the rooms that we design. While we are comfortable designing in many styles, every jamesthomas design has an undeniable undertone of effortless elegance. We believe that great interior design is innately hospitable. Your home should welcome you; it should surround you with feelings of generosity and abundance each time you enter it. We pride ourselves in our communicative style of service. We are collaborators who try to minimize surprises in the process. Because we are founded by two individuals, there are two distinct perspectives at jamesthomas. We feel that this duality benefits the client and separates us from many other firms. Our style recommendations will always echo the needs and wants of our clients, but there are consistent tones of affection, joy and hospitality across our portfolio.

James and Tom were featured in House Beautiful’s “America’s Top Young Designer’s” and their work can be seen in such publications as Luxe Home, Traditional Home, Mountain Living, Interiors Chicago, Décor, Chicago Home Magazine, Renovation Style, Out, Michigan Avenue Magazine, Design Bureau and Chicago Tribune Magazine.

We came across a photo of Tom's mom, Patty. It's probably from 1975 or 76. Her salt and pepper hair is slicked back and slightly damp, she's laughing and her coral lined lips reveal a mischievous grin. Oversized Chanel inspired sunglasses hide her eyes so we don't really know what she's thinking. She sits on a chipped white wrought iron chaise lounge with a thick plastic floral cushion beside her friend Posie's pool. It's a bright, sunny, blue skied summer day that seems to capture the essence of the 70s. Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dresses, Tretorn tennis shoes, Chris Evert and Bruce (yes Bruce) Jenner.

Summer days spent swimming, sailing and riding your bike all day without a helmet, a cell phone or a care in the world. Parents end their day with a gin and tonic before dinner where we all sit down and hear about one another's day. These are inspirations that we hope are evoked and reflected in our Sunroom. Summer living, indoor/outdoor, casual elegance, eclectic collections of curated pieces. Please join us for a cocktail as we watch the kids play in the pool.


Baker Furniture
Bamboo server
Benjamin Moore & Co
Twighlight Zone Semi-Gloss and White Dove Semi-Gloss
Brown Jordan
Calcutta lounge chairs
Century Furniture
Tole flowers, Rattan tray
Franklin console table
Palais urn and pedestal
Holly Hunt
Dennis and Leen Marseilles mirror, silver box, porcelain parrots
Gregorius Pineo Dalen wall sconces Stone vessles
John Rosselli & Associates
David Iatesta dining table
Galerie des Lampes Grasshopper wall lamps
Chinese garden stools
Jasper pagoda lantern
O’Henry House ottoman
Temple bone box
Lee Jofa
Chelsea House ceramic pagodas
Michael - Cleary
Garret Leather Capelli stenciled zebra area rug
Ceramic table lamps
Nancy Corzine
Zoffany Rosendal wallcovering
Paul Ferrante
Marina chandelier
Quadrille Fabrics and Wallpapers
Happy Garden wallcovering
Robert Allen | Beacon Hill
Tomlinson Albemarle side chair
All fabric and trimmings
Watson Smith Carpet - Rugs - Hard Surface
Wool and sisal area rug
Barware, antique books, and accessories
The Sunroom

Special thanks

The incredible team at jamesthomas Interiors

Laurie Roberts and Primo Interiors for drapery fabrication

Otto’s Drapery Installations for drapery Installation

Cornel Self and Eurocraft, Inc. for custom sofa and pillow fabrication

Mike Leary and Modern Millwork Innovations for custom millwork

Kate Lane Ferraro of Lane Art Projects for art consultation

Seaberg Picture Framing, Inc.

Artist Lucia Engstrom for Flora Yellow and Violet, large format photography

Karesh Glass for antique mirror

Lux Lampshades for custom lampshades Forever Green Art for custom topiaries

Affordable Moving Company